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CDFA Healthy Soils Program --- FOR GLENN COUNTY!

$4 million available for eligible GLENN COUNTY farmers and ranchers; $1 million will be dedicated to eligible Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers (SDFRs).

>>> Application period CLOSED

What is the Healthy Soils Program?

The Healthy Soils Program (HSP) provides financial incentives in the form of grants to farmers and ranchers to implement conservation management practices that sequester carbon, reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs), and improve soil health. A few eligible practices include:

  • Mulching - Compost
  • Cover Crops
  • Reduced Tillage
  • Riparian, Herbaceous & Woody Plantings
  • Windbreaks
  • Filter Strips
  • Whole Orchard Recycling

Glenn County RCD received a Healthy Soils Program Block Grant Pilot Program which is part of the state's Healthy Soils Program. More info...

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Guidelines, Application Attachments + Resource Tools

HSP Check List.pdfRequest for HSP Grant Applications-Glenn County RCD.pdfInstructions to Locate the CA Storie Index Grade # for Your Project Site.pdfAppendix A Practice Payment Scenarios-Rates-Requirements-Implementation Guidelines.pdfAppendix B Sample Preview of Grant Application Questions-Glenn County.pdfHSP Letter of Commitment-Glenn County.docxHSP Landowner Permission Letter-Glenn County.docx

CDFA HSP RePlan Tool - Click Here
UC Davis / NRCS SoilWeb Tool - Click Here

Technical Assistance Resources

FREE technical assistance is available for the development and submission of a HSP grant application, as well as help with coordinating implementation of an awarded project. Please contact us today!

Lizzeth Mendoza
Community Education Specialist
UCANR / UCCE-Glenn County
Cell: 530-517-8187
Office: 530-865-1105

Kellie Wilson-Burt
Program Specialist
Glenn County RCD
Cell:  530-701-6209
Office: 530-934-4601 x3176