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Colusa Glenn Subwatershed Program

Since 2007, the RCD has provided outreach and education services for the Colusa Glenn Subwatershed Program (CGSP). The partnership has allowed CGSP to effectively help their Members meet requirements of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program.

The ILRP is a mandated program through the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) for irrigated landowners and operators within the Central Valley who have irrigation and/or stormwater leaving their irrigated agricultural lands or managed wetlands. It monitors water quality to ensure safe drinking waters within the State; surface and groundwater.

For more information contact their office today or visit their website by clicking here!

Colusa Glenn Subwatershed Program
Mailing: PO Box 1205
Physical: 132 North Enright Avenue, Suite C
Willows, CA 95988
Phone: (530) 934-8036

For billing questions, contact Chief Financial Officer, Kelly Kampschmidt at (530) 934-3234, or