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CDFA Healthy Soils Program

Glenn County RCD helps implement “The mission of the Office of Environmental Farming & Innovation is to serve California by supporting agricultural production and incentivizing practices resulting in a net benefit for the environment through innovation, efficient management and science.” For technical assistance, contact us today!

What is the CA Healthy Soils Program?

The Healthy Soils Program stems from the California Healthy Soils Initiative, a collaboration of state agencies and departments to promote the development of healthy soils on California’s farmlands and ranchlands.

The HSP has three components: the Block Grant Pilot Program, the HSP Incentives Program and the HSP Demonstration Projects.

The HSP Block Grant Pilot Program and Incentives Program provides financial assistance for implementation of conservation management that improve soil health, sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

>>> 2024 Glenn County has $4 million available. More info...

The HSP Demonstration Projects showcase California farmers and rancher’s implementation of HSP practices. More info… 


What is the CA Alternative Manure Management Program?

CDFA’s Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP) provides financial assistance for the implementation of non-digester manure management practices in California, which will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. More info…