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Our Mission

To promote a sustainable, economically healthy county through services and management of natural resources while maintaining a desirable environment and addressing local resource issues and opportunities in a timely manner.

The RCD’s Long Range Plan, adopted March 9, 2017, organizes our Priority Areas, Goals and Actions we will be pursuing from 2017 to 2022. --- UPDATE in progress

Long Range Plan (PDF)

2023-2024 Annual Plan (PDF)

Our Goals

Air Quality
Identify the producers and communities need and the RCD’s role.

Alternative Energy
Identify alternative energy opportunities and the RCD’s role.

Education (all priorities)
GOAL 1: Inform landowners, land managers, partners and communities of the RCD’s mission, function and Long Range Plan.
GOAL 2: Promote RCD Connects with Kids program.
GOAL 3: Promote RCD Come to the WaterSHED (Students Helping Educate & Discover).
GOAL 4: Promote and facilitate Project WET (Water Education Training) program.
GOAL 5: Promote Watershed Education Department at the Glenn County Fair.
GOAL 6: Facilitate watershed-based community service projects with K-12 students and youth organizations.
GOAL 7: Encourage K-12 teachers to include an educational field trip on local resources.
GOAL 8: Promote educational opportunities to historically underserved farmers and ranchers (beginning farmer, limited resource producer, and socially disadvantaged).
GOAL 9: Develop a career planning program encompassing jobs in resources.
GOAL 10: Promote local foods and healthy habits.

Identify entrepreneurial activities.

Fire & Fuel Loads
GOAL 1: Provide outreach and education on fire and fuel loads.
GOAL 2: Work with fire agencies to encourage landowners, land managers and communities to adopt practices that reduce fire and fuel loads.

GOAL 1: Provide outreach and education on beneficial habitat.
GOAL 2: Encourage producers and communities to adopt practices that benefit plant and wildlife habitat.
GOAL 3: Encourage restoration or maintenance of healthy riparian corridors.

Invasive Species
GOAL 1: Provide outreach and education on invasive species.
GOAL 2: Encourage producers and communities to adopt practices that remove and/or control invasive species.
GOAL 3: Collaborate to identify and implement invasive species projects.

Protect Agricultural Lands
GOAL 1: Protect prime agricultural lands and habitats.
GOAL 2: Encourage responsible urban development.
GOAL 3: Promote conservation planning.

Soil & Water Resources (water quality, quantity, surface, sub-surface)
GOAL 1: Provide outreach and education on watersheds.
GOAL 2: Encourage producers and communities to adopt practices that benefit soil and water resources.
GOAL 3: Coordinate soil health communications in Glenn County.

RCD Operations
GOAL 1: Led by a locally appointed seven member Board of Directors and 20 Associate Directors.
GOAL 2: Fiscally sound and have a discretionary fund.
GOAL 3: Obtain fee for services, contracts and grant agreements.
GOAL 4: Promote sponsorship programs.
GOAL 5: Follow policies, procedures and documents.
GOAL 6: Have adequate office space.
GOAL 7: Strengthen visibility.